4 Fast and Easy Dinner Recipies ( you’ll be glad you tried it)

In preparation for this list. I have not only scouted my own kitchen but my friends as well. These are a list of recipes that anyone can cook when feeling bored.

1. Pasta
Pasta is almost always a go to dish for dinners. But plain old pasta can get boring at times and need a little spicing up.
You will need:
⦁ Spaghetti noodles
⦁ Salt
⦁ Crushed tomatoes or tomato sauce/paste
⦁ Onions
⦁ Lemon wedges
⦁ Any meat of your choice (diced or minced)
⦁ Vegetables (Optional)
⦁ Garlic
⦁ Thyme
⦁ Black pepper
⦁ Cheese of your choice (I used parmesan)
Place your spaghetti noodles in a pot of boiling water with salt.
In one pan cook your minced or diced meat until it is however you like your meat.
in another pan, heat up some olive oil and then dump your garlic (i like my garlic like a paste) onions and vegetables in it. Then add some fresh Thyme and black pepper and stir.
After everything is fully coated, go ahead and add your crushed tomatoes or your tomato paste and mix evenly.
Take cooked noodles out of the water and add to your nely made tomato sauce.
Add meat. Combine everything and squeeze some lemon over the top.
you have yourself dinner.
My family loves taco’s, this is how me make it.
You will need:
⦁ Tortilla’s cooked and shaped or ready made taco shells
⦁ Meat of your choice
⦁ Avocado
⦁ Jalapeno’s (diced)
⦁ Cilantro or Parsley
⦁ Sea salt
⦁ Black pepper
⦁ Salsa
This recipe is pretty straight forward. Cook the meat and set it in a bowl for itself. Make some guacamole by mashing together jalapeno’s, Avocado, Cilantro or parsley, sea salt and back pepper and se that aside in a bowl also. And lastly place your favorite salsa in a bowl as well. Of course if there is a topping that you like on your taco’s, feel free to dress it up however you like.
3. The ‘Whatever’s in my kitchen at the moment meal’.
This isn’t a step by step recipe exactly. We’ve all been there. Nothing to eat (at least nothing we can find) so we randomly throw things together in hopes of satisfaction. This is a run-through of my typical ‘I don’t know what to eat’ night’s and what is usually in my kitchen for a quick meal.
⦁ Pasta or rice or both
⦁ salsa or tomato sauce
⦁ Corn or mixed vegetables
⦁ Cheese
⦁ Garlic
⦁ Sesame oil or olive oil or coconut oil
⦁ Worcestershire sauce
Place a pan with water on the stove stop. Wait until it comes to a boil and add in your choice of pasta or rice or if your sometimes greedy like me, both. In another pan, over low to medium heat, pour in some sesame or olive oil into the pan and then add some garlic (crushed, chopped or paste) and stir. then add your corn and/or mixed vegetables into the pan.
Add Worcestershire sauce and cooked pasta and/or rice and mix thoroughly.
Lastly, add cheese of your choice and enjoy.
4. Chicken
If you’re  chicken person, then i’m sure you’d love this meal.
You will need:
⦁ Chicken breast
⦁ Cheese
⦁ Cilantro/Parsley
⦁ bread crumbs
⦁ bell peppers or Jalapeno’s (diced)
⦁ Garlic
⦁ Onion
⦁ Thyme
⦁ Chive
⦁ Seasoning peppers
⦁ Bacon (not needed)
⦁ Green beans
⦁ corn or mixed vegetables
Slice the chicken breast down the sides deep enough to make a pocket but no as far ass to go through the other side.
Make a paste with garlic, onions, seasoning peppers and bread crumbs and salt and black pepper and rub in all over the outsides and insides of the chicken breast.
Line a baking trap with parchment paper and place your now seasoned chicken breast on it.
Now fill you chicken breast up with vegetables, corn and whatever else you seem to like  and then wrap it with bacon (bacon can be excluded). Then pop some of your beans on the same tray and place in oven and cook until it suits your preference.
Do you have a go to easy dinner meal? and what do you thing of these? Comment and share.
xoxo jay

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