Here are 5 healthy skin hacks – healthy skin is happy skin

Is your skin dry? or cracked? pealing? Here are five tips to follow that is sure to help anyone out…… it definitely helped me.
1. Rinse your face with hot or warm water to open your pores for the up coming treatments. You can also steam you face instead by boiling a pot of hot water and placing a towel over your head with your face catching the steam from the hot water. you can also add other thing such as essential oils, cinnamon, lemon grass and other herbs.
2. Tap your face dry with a clean dry towel and the proceed to exfoliate with your favorite exfoliating gel for a few minutes. But do not over exfoliate, this can cause bruising and dryness.
3. Now, use a cleanser with salicylic acid to remove dead cells and dissolve oil. Tap dry and then use a gentle peel off mask.
4. Moisturize. Don’t want your skin to dry out? Use a moisturizer at least twice or three times a day.
5. Use sunscreen. For extra protection, whether light skinned, dark skinned or in between, sunscreen should be uses as often as once or twice a day.
what’s your basic skin care routine? Comment and Share.
xoxo Jay

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