Pet life : Here are 10 life hacks and necessities for your pet

Are you a pet owner? wanna know a few things you can do to keep you pet healthy? Keep reading to find out…. Ten necessities and hacks for your pet.



1. Smartbowl by pet net
This (in my opinion) is simply the best thing I could have bought. This gadget is a go to for any pet so you won’t over or under feed them. Fore more information or to buy , go here
2. Ice cube snacks
On a hot day it’s nice to just cool down. For your pet, you can make cooking down so much more fun. My pets love strawberries, bananas and blueberries. You can make a smoothie with your pets favorite fruits and place in a fun shaped ice mold and serve it to your pet. Yogurt is a good option as well. It doen’t have to be a smoothie though, you can just put flavored water or broth with some chopped fruits in the mold to have a tasty treet for your pet.
for silicone molds, click here.
3. Upset tummy meal
Vets have recommended it for years. If your dog has tummy problems, and their doesn’t seem to be any serious health issues, helping soothe their stomach is as simple as a rice and chicken home cooked meal.
4. Bad breath
Question… Does your pet have bad breath? Yes? well then here’s your solution. Parsley. Research shows that parsley is a natural breath freshening agent. Sprinkle some parsley over your pets food and even while making a treat for them and let the parsley do the rest.
5. Eat slower
Does your pet eat to fast? Place a tennis ball in the bowl with the food to help them eat slower. Then will have to move the ball to get to the food.
6. Cold paws
Taking your pet out for a walk in a cold atmosphere or even snow can wreak havoc on their paws, so before going out rub some Vaseline n their paws.
7. Fail safe word
If your dog sometimes gets away from you and run off frequent, you most likely will start to panic after not seeing them for a few minutes or a few second if you’re like me. You should probably teach your dog a fail-safe word to come to you, such as “Seaside” or something like that.
8. Pet hairs
We pet owners know that having pets mean sheading, no matter how little, from couches to beds to carpets, even your clothes. To remove pet hair, you can simply use a wet pair of rubber gloves or a squeegee to round up stray hairs, for your clothes, a lint roller works best.
9. Hot paws
You can’t walk on the hot street , don’t expect your pet to. walk your pet when it’s cool outside or somewhere without hot pavement.
10. Play
whether it be taking your dog to a dog park or buying a mountain of toys, always play with your pet and keep them active regularly. It help with their overall health as many would know.
Are there anything that you do for your pet that isn’t on this list? comment and share.
xoxo Jay

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