Haircare and Hair Growth tips ( for getting healthy hair)

Here are 5 tips and tricks to healthy hair…

1. Healthy Diet
What you put in is what you get out. You cant expect to always eat junk food and see results. You need to adjust your diet a bit, drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet. Trust me, just changing this one thing will immediately show results in your skin, hair and overall health.
2. Less Heat
Styling tools such as flat irons and curling irons and so on damage your hair, it literally fries your hair. This can only result in damaged hair follicles, split ends, dull and lifeless hair, so try to use little to no heat. Air dry your hair instead of using a blow dryer, all this can help out your hair in the long run.
3. Get some Vitamins
There are some vitamins and supplements out there specifically for healthy hair, nails, etc. Biotin for example is the most hyped hair supplement in my group of friends, but I’ve also used Infinity Advanced Haircare and Sugar bear Hair vitamins which are both great
4. Condition
We know that conditioning our hair is a must with every wash. But… it seems that most people don’t let the conditioner do it’s work before washing it out. After distributing the conditioner in your hair, it should be allowed to sit for at least three minutes to do what that conditioner is specified to do.
5. Wet hair
Don’t brush or comb you hair right after washing it. Wet hair is fragile, even with an aid, combing or brush wet hair results in more hair being pulled out of your scalp, and nobody ant that. So it’s much better to wait until your hair is dry before pulling it in any way.
Have you tried any of these? Were they helpful? Are there any other remedies that you use that’s not on this list? Please share for everyone to have great hair.. šŸ™‚ Comment and share.
xoxo jay

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