Dog essentials for new dog owners ( puppies and older dogs alike)

Dog essentials for new owners…





This is a list for new dog owners whether you have adopted a puppy or a full grown dog. This list should help you out with the basic necessities for your new pup.

1.Collar and harness -Every dog needs a collar and/or harness and there are a variety of collars and harnesses out there to suit your dogs preference. There are smart collars, Rope collars and harnesses , regular collars and harnesses , I even saw a bedazzled harness once.


2. Leash – Another must have. Your dog needs to be taken on walks and leash is something you must have, especially if your dogs love to jump on everyone they see….. like mine. A leash like this one. , is great for overly excited dogs and crossing the street with your dog.


3. Containment area – if your dog is new, chances are that they aren’t house trained. A containment area is great to have to train your dog until such time that they are allowed to road the house or backyard freely.


4. Dog food and storage – You is an obvious necessity, dogs need to eat. I don’t know about you, but when I buy my dog’s food, I just don’t like having this large bag of food not fitting in with my kitchen décor. What you can do is buy a large jar and pour your dogs food into the jar. I definitely makes everything more classy.


5. Bed – Your pup need to sleep and relax. So having a bed to suit their needs is a great thing.


6. Food and Water bowls – Unless you lan to feed your pet on the floor, you should probably get bowls for both food and water. You can also get an automatic feeder and water jug for your pet.


7. Chew toys, Toys and Treats – Dogs love to play, period. So having a few toys and chew toys around can really help. Like you need to snack from time to time, dogs do too, so buy a few treats or make a few treats and store them in a tight mason jar to keep them fresh. I also like using the Kong toy with my pets, they seem to love it and they seemed to be much calmer since I started using it also.


8. Furniture covers –  whether it be your car seats, couches or wherever, pets shed and having covers are a big help.


9. ID tags and Trackers – Simply put. Your new pup needs identification and trackers for if they, for some reason, get lost.


10. Going out bag – Okay…. so you need a bag to go out filled with your money, phone and other stuff that humans use. Well, so does your pet. Have a little going out bag with toys and snacks and so on whether your going for a quick run to the store or the dog park.


11. Poop Bags and Dispenser – New pet owner, here’s a little tip, you’ve got to pick up after your pet. And a simple way to do that is to have a poop bag dispenser, trust me, it helps a lot. Doggie bags such as  these or these are great.I have both.


12. Grooming supplies – you need grooming supplies for your dog such as :

Brush and Comb

Conditioning spray

Cotton balls and Ear cleaning solution

Nail clippers


Shampoo and conditioner

Dog Toothbrush and toothpaste




13. Bark box – Want a month delivery of toys, snacks and more for your pet? Then this is a great option. Get a bark Box subscription and view the website here


What do you do for your pet? Comment and share

xoxo jay


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