Weightloss without exercise

We’ve all been there. Wanting to lose weight but you want to do it as lazy as possible (aka Don’t want to exercise), so i’m bringing you Five tips to lose weight without exercising.

1.Chew Slowly

Remember when you were shoving food down your throat and your parents had to tell you to slow down multiple times? Well you should have listened. Research shows that the brain takes several minutes to process the food being taken in, so the faster you eat, the more food is being taken in, and even if you are full, you won’t know it or feel it until much later. For example: Have your ever eaten a large portion of food and minutes later you start to feel much fuller than you were when you finished eating and it’s in that moment that you’ve figured out that you over ate? Eating quickly is the reason behind that.


2. Detox daily

Detoxing your body helps with weight loss drastically.  the most common one that I use is the lemon detox. I usually drink pure lemon juice, but at times I like mixing it up with some water, mint leaves and fruits such as strawberries and blueberries. You simply dilute three tablespoons of pure lemon juice in some water and place your fruits and herbs and mix well. Do that correctly and you can have it all during the day as some refreshing flavored water.


3. Smaller plates

If you know that you are going to eat food that is high in calories, use smaller plates. Using smaller plates tricks your brain into thinking that you are eating your normal servings or more than your normal servings when you are actually eating less.


4. Cold water before meals

Drinking cold water can increase your metabolism up to 20 or 30 percent, and added to that benefit, if you drink water before a meal, the water will take up most of your stomach capacity (depending on how much you drink, I usually go for a glass or two) resulting in you eating less of your meal.


5. Sleep

Simply put, you don’t sleep and your body’s metabolism will decrease and is the metabolism decreases, weightless will be slower.


6. Get rid of unhealthy food and drinks

You know what i’m talking about, that shelf in the cupboard that you have that is specifically for snacks. get rid of it (and by get rid of it I don’t mean eat it). Snacking is the most effective way to gain weight. Your walking around your house, and there is nothing to eat (nothing to just open and bite into anyways) and then you open that cupboard, you know your on a diet but your hungry and what do you end up doing? you eat at least two of those snacks, as for sugary drinks, avoid them at all cost..

NB: sometimes when people think heir hungry, they’re actually just thirsty, so drink a tall glass of water (Or more) or even drink some cool tea such as peppermint or green tea or my fav, early grey.


7. Eat more fiber and protein

Fiber helps reduce appetite and protein caused automatic weight loss…. pets put two and two together. Adding fiber and protein to your diet gives marvelous results.


8. Pedometer

Research shows that those who wear a pedometer are more motivated to get to their step goals than those who do not, so even if you are just around the house and stepping to the store fore five minutes, wearing a pedometer is a good choice.


9. Red-Stop

It’s been looked at and proven that eating food off of red plates gets people more conscious of what they’re eating and they even stop eating at times, because much like a red traffic light, the red plate gives us an awareness and blatantly says STOP.


10. Avoid late night snacking and late night internet surfing

we’ve heard it time and time again, eat at least two hours before sleeping and avoid heavy snacking. It’s a fact that the internet makes people hungry, whether you’re scrolling through Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat, especially is you past a few posts with those mouthwatering delicious posts, avoid it at all cost.


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xoxo Jay


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