Every day essentials for girls on the go

I’ve made a list of things that every girls needs in their bags. Some of these aren’t an absolute must, all can be helpful. I usually have these things in my bag as well, my friends sometimes tell me that i’m a walking pharmacy. lol.

I Hope you have so use for these.



It doesn’t have to be a ton of makeup or your whole makeup bag. Some concealer for tired eyes, Lip gloss, stick or balm for dull or dry lips and a tube of mascara should be enough for a long day or sleepless nights when you have to be up and about.


2.Compact Mirror

Whether it be for a quick touch up or just to make sure everything is in order. A compact mirror should always be in your bag. There are many different types and styles of compacts mirrors, choose to that best suits you. Double sided mirrors are great in my opinion.


3.Gum or Mints

Have you ever been so late or so busy that you forgot to brush your teeth or maybe you didn’t brush for the recommended 2 minutes? or maybe you just ate something that would leave a not so great odor on your breath. Pop some mints or a gum in there and you should be find in a few minutes.



We’ve all had that one day where it’s cool outside and we step out confident as hell. The when you turn the corner, BAM, the sun hits you. having a pair of sunglasses in your bag is essential for those unexpected times when the sun actually does come out.



having a hairbrush is a great way to tame your lovely locks when they get frizzy or wild whether it’s caused by wind or humidity. A hairbrush is always a great idea.


6. Lotion and Perfume

Your skin dries out during the day, especially your hands, since we do wash them and use them regularly during the day, And the scent of perfume does wear out during the day. So having some lotion or hand cream and a small portable bottle of perfume for a quick spritz does wonders.


7.Phone Charger and Head Phones

If your a busy person, chances are that there are times you forget to charge your phone. Having a charger in your bag is great for on the go charging. As for head phones, I think that they are great to help while time passes and we have those time where we want to drown out the outside world and listen to your favorite tunes.


8.A small snack

Ever get hungry while waiting for something or walking down the street or something along those lines, having a small snack such a s granola bar is great for times like this.


9. A drink

If your gonna have a snack, might as well have a drink to wash it all down. It doesn’t have to be a specific drink either, you can have water, soda or even tea.


10. Hair Accessories

This is basically girl problems. You have a great hair style with you hair down in curls or it’s perfectly straight, and then it gets too hot or just uncomfortable and you can’t do anything about it except go around asking if anyone had a hair tie. Have a small pouch in your bag with some hair accessories such as hair ties, and hair pins/clips, it could save you a lot of problems.


11. Pain killers

Head aches. Body aches. any aches. Painkillers help a lot and having a bottle or bag of what works for you can help you nd your friends out in the long run.


12. Writing material

I always have a small book and a pen in my bag, just incase I want to remember something or have to write something down. This is one thing I never leave the house without.


13. Tissue

Runny nose, runny makeup, wet hands or what every you use tissue for, better believe that you will need it at least once a day.


Is there anything on this list that you can’t leave home without? Comment and share.

xoxo Jay



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