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Every day essentials for girls on the go

I've made a list of things that every girls needs in their bags. Some of these aren't an absolute must, all can be helpful. I usually have these things in my bag as well, my friends sometimes tell me that i'm a walking pharmacy. lol. I Hope you have so use for these.   1.Makeup... Continue Reading →


Get Ready for Spring

With spring just around the corner. I've thought up and asked around and have compiled a list of things that are a must have for Spring. 1.Peach Every time I hear spring, I think of flowers, and when I think of flowers I think of pink tones like peach. One thing I like about peach... Continue Reading →

Dog essentials for new owners...       This is a list for new dog owners whether you have adopted a puppy or a full grown dog. This list should help you out with the basic necessities for your new pup. 1.Collar and harness -Every dog needs a collar and/or harness and there are a variety of... Continue Reading →

Weightloss without exercise

We've all been there. Wanting to lose weight but you want to do it as lazy as possible (aka Don't want to exercise), so i'm bringing you Five tips to lose weight without exercising. 1.Chew Slowly Remember when you were shoving food down your throat and your parents had to tell you to slow down... Continue Reading →

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